About Us

Gloves Unlimited, Inc

Gloves Unlimited, Inc was founded in 1988. The owner of the company saw the growing need for disposable, protective gloves in the dental market. The reaction and demand was so strong, that Gloves Unlimited soon became a national disposable glove company. The company is located in Englishtown, New Jersey and services businesses across the nations with wholesale supplies via our online shops and monthly auto-ship services. Corporate accounts are welcome. Additional discounts promoted each month!

Divisions of Gloves Unlimited, Inc

Since then the company has expanded into a company that sells gloves and other disposable products for a variety of different industries. Gloves Unlimited, Inc now has three divisions specializing in supplies for the the childcare industry, salon industry and the elder-care/medical health supplies industry.

Childcare Supply Company
The Childcare Supply Company has been a division of Gloves Unlimited, LLC since 1988. The online business provides high quality childcare products at affordable prices. Learn more about us at ChildcareSupplyCompany.com and check out the online shop for childcare supplies.
Salon Supply Company
The Salon Supply Company division was launched in 2014 and sells salon products at wholesale prices. Featured products include a line of disposable gloves for the salon industry. Additional products in the online shop include towels, processing caps, shampoo capes, waxing supplies and a full line of paper products. SalonSupplyCompany.com
Healthcare Supply Company
The Healthcare Supply Company is our newest division serving adults, seniors, and caregivers.The online shop features incontinence supplies, protective gloves, moist wash clothes, as well as skin care products. A full line of bath and bed safety products, as well as canes, walkers, rollators, and wheelchairs are available. HealthCareSupplyCompany.com