Healthcare Supply Company Inc.

The Healthcare Supply Company Inc. was created to help busy and hectic caregivers provide better care for their aging parents or spouse. We provide an easy shopping experience, where family members, caregivers or if you need a little help yourself, can shop for the products and supplies that best fit your needs. We provide a one stop shopping experience for all your essentials. If you do not see what you need, ask our wonderful customer service department they will help you find it.

Our undertaking is to provide high quality healthcare products at affordable prices. We are always mindful that someone’s family member is at the receiving end of all of our products and we reflect this in the quality of our merchandise. Our senior and elderly care products help make aging with grace and dignity possible. We understand that everyday task like getting dressed, eating and bathing turn into challenges. We can solve your homecare concerns with our products that aid-mobility, make your home safe, and keep you independent. Our products are used in the best nursing home facilities we now are able to give you access to these products for home use. We supply a complete list of products for aging. Choose from incontinence supplies, nutritional items, bath safety, assistive devices, clothing, mobility and more.

We carry all products to allow seniors to remain in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible.

  • Incontinence supplies
    Adult briefs, pull-ups, diapers, protective underwear, disposable pads, chux pads and liners, adult wipes, mattress covers, cleansers, disposable nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves, and skin care ointments
  • Bathroom and Bathing
    Toilet seats, shower seats, grab bars, commodes, liners, transfer benches, non-slip mats, and all toiletries.
  • Bedroom
    Beds, leg elevators, egg crates, mattress pads, alarms, crash mats, disposable and reusable bed pads.
  • Mobility
    Walkers, wheelchairs, transfer chairs, canes, and rollators
  • Nutritional Drinks
    Ensure, Ensure plus, Glucerna, Thick-it, Boost, Boost plus
  • Household Items
    Cleaning supplies, soap and soap dispensers, food services and disposable paper products such as paper towels, facial and toilet tissue, napkins, cups, plates, bowls, and cutlery
  • Health and safety products
    Alarm alert devises, crash mats, protective gloves, foot covers, and thermometers

Division of Gloves Unlimited, Inc

As a division of Gloves Unlimited Inc. we specialize in Nitrile, latex and vinyl examination gloves, as well as general purpose latex and vinyl gloves.

The company is located in Englishtown, New Jersey and services businesses across the nations with wholesale healthcare supplies via our online shops and monthly auto-ship services. Corporate accounts are welcome.